Frequently Asked Questions

Questions: Answered Just for You


How do I start services?

  1. Schedule a time to meet with a member of our tribe

  2. Have the intake interview (bring prior reports)

  3. If insurance is involved then pre-authorization is required prior to any evaluation, therapy or other services being provided

  4. Complete the required assessments, paperwork and observation session

  5. Meet with Supervisor to discuss treatment goals and program plan

  6. Arrange a therapy schedule and attend

What is the age range of the children you serve?

Ages 18 months to 21 years. Research has demonstrated that children who start ABA therapy as early as possible (~2 years old) make the most significant improvements in their areas of deficit. Our clients can present with a wide range of abilities, strengths and deficits. We assess each client individually to build their tailored treatment plan, meeting their specific needs.

Do you assist with transition to school or other community based programs?

The goal of therapy is to help each individual learner develop the skills necessary to be independent and learn in a less restrictive setting. When it comes time to transition from the clinic setting to any other setting, our Licensed Professionals will develop an individualized transition plan designed to maximize success in their new environment.

Do you collaborate with other services?

Yes, collaboration of care is a critical component of achieving positive patient outcomes. BTW...that's our motto. Bridging the Gap. Our Clinicians work directly with other service providers within our clinic or outside to ensure that all areas of need are identified and targeted through comprehensive treatment planning for each client. We are all about coming together to assess and measure the growth of each child’s plan to constantly create the most successful treatment plan.

Tell me about parent involvement?

Parent involvement is an integral part of the success of each child’s treatment program. There is a range of support options including an initial consultation or tour with center leadership in order to ensure you are making the right placement decision. Some other support services are regular 1:1 parent meetings and individualized on-going parent trainings or group parent trainings. Our center staff welcomes families to schedule observations to learn more about how their child learns and observe techniques that work well in therapy that can be generalized to home or school.

Do you go out on outings with clients?

Part of treatment involves additional fun & innovative activities aimed at meeting that child’s treatment goals that may involve working with the child in outside settings like the park, restaurants and other public places. Ensuring generalization of programming is focus after initial learning.

Who is working with my child?

We have Licensed and Credentialed staff that work with your child day in and day out. Our amazing providers must follow the ethical guidelines and regulations set forth by their governing board. To find out each providers credential, come talk to us.



Please fill out the Initial Intake Packet for all new SLC clients. 
Please also fill out the addendum for each service you will be receiving.

Occupational Addendum


Initial Intake Packet

ABA Addendum

Speech Addendum